A gravitational Eiffel tower outline with massPoint & mathPoint tools

All mathPointsposition are calculated according to the massPoints coordinates on which they depend.

Drag any massPoint , their belonged mathPoints will move accordingly.


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Compared with the first one (Episode #1: massPointtool), this layout has two types of points:

  • 18 massPoints, gravity sensitive and draggable.
  • 14 mathPoints. They are not gravity sensitive nor draggable. They can be defined as satellites of the massPoints.

The mathPoint tool

A mathPoint is a dynamical point, not a physical object like massPoints . The mathPoint tool is essentially a drawing and rendering tool and belongs to pure geometry.

A mathPoint can be located:

  • anywhere on a line or a curve passing through two massPoints. A mathPoint can also be implemented with a movement along its belonging line or curve.
  • at any point of an area defined by three or four massPoints.
  • at the exact intersection of two lines, each of these lines passing through two massPoints.

A mathPoint is not draggable by mouse or touch event. It depends entirely on its belonging massPoints.