The JavaZ project

Gravitational drawing

Creation tool: massPoint

Drawing a gravitational Eiffel tower outline with massPoint tool.

A gravitational Eiffel tower outline with massPoint tool

Imagine a blueprint of the Eiffel Tower where the massPoints (yellow dots) :

  • are sensitive to forces, like gravity.
  • can be dragged and dropped .

This Layout is responsive to mouse, touch, button inputs and keyboard:

toggle the gravity force (off by default)
play and pause the animation loop (on by default)
reset or reload the complete graphic
< ^ > Push the tower around with arrow keys. Keyboards only.
Drag and drop any massPoints

The massPoint tool

This tool will create a massPoint, a JavaScript object assigning mass to an ordinary point on a plane, thus transforming it into a real physical particle.

Like any object with mass, massPoints react to forces, which manipulates their speed and direction. The force could for instance be gravity, which would make the massPoints fall to the ground.

By default, massPoint is draggable by mouse or touch event.