const me = {
Name: Lexi,
occupation: free-lance creative coder,
project: JavaZ.js,
areas: [ interactive design, vector illustration, caricature, gaming],
webTechnologies : [html, css, javascript]

There is a specific domain on the internet to create visuals : the creative code. The most common code is Javascript. JS is easy to pick up, it’s quite flexible and can be implemented in any web browser. Javascript can make any drawing in the middle of a web page.

Most important, JavaScript is an opportunity to merge caricature drawing & illustration with motion graphics and interaction with internet users.

Unfortunately there is no application to apply the creative code technique without coding. For this specific purpose, I have created my own environment : JavaZ.

JavaZ can be implemented in any web page.

Drawing with creative coding never gets boring—there’s always something to explore, new techniques to learn, or new interactive and dynamic images to create.

Don’t design and code, make code to new design.

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