The JavaZ project

Breathing curves

Creation Tool: render

Bringing life to the Eiffel tower with the render tool.

A breathing Eiffel tower with the render tool

The Eiffel Tower comes to life, its curves breathe. This new subtle motion have been added to it thanks to the render tool.

One of the ability of this tool is to draw smooth curves between massPoints, and with the ability to specify how smooth the curves should be drawn. And that’s the trick: by varying this property, a fine breathing motion effect can be conferred to any drawing.

toggle the gravity force (off by default) to drop the structure to the ground
play and pause the animation loop (on by default)
reset or reload the complete graphic

The render tool

One of render tool’s property is to draw spline curves, a continuous curve constructed so as to pass through a given set of points and have a certain number of continuous derivatives [1].

[1Originally, spline was a term for elastic rulers that were bent to pass through a number of predefined points, or knots. These were used to make technical drawings for shipbuilding and construction by hand.