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Punching Putin!

Ease the stress by punching Putin.

Do you want to feel good in these threatening times? Ease the stress and release your endorphins—natural substances by punching Putin...

Just move it !

What is JavaZ

JavaZ is a drawing application for creating dynamic and interactive internet images.
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Was ist JavaZ

JavaZ ist eine Zeichenapp zum Erstellen dynamischer und interaktiver Internetbilder.

JavaZ, c’est quoi 

JavaZ est une application de dessin pour la création d’images internet dynamiques et interactives.
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JavaZ Portfolio

JavaZ wave pendulum with 50 Perlin balls.
#Educational #Physics
Wednesday 30 March
Time-based generative art.
#Generative Art #Vector illustration
Friday 25 March
Wouldn’t it be a dream to achieve peace in a simple gesture?
#Fractal #Generative Art #Vector illustration
Wednesday 23 March
There is so much to do. But first, build a nice pile of Post-it®!
#Generative Art #Perlin noise #Post-it #Vector illustration
Friday 18 March
Ease the stress by punching Putin.
#Caricature #Game
Tuesday 15 March
Interactive generative art.
#Generative Art #Vector illustration
Tuesday 1 March

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